SuJu 15 | TVXQ Believe

And I can't wait for the day we look back on this and laugh.

Super Junior 15 | TVXQ Believe
19 December 1991
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Hello, this is a sister journal to my original journal l_ai_l. This coincides with my website dedicated to the whole 15 of Super Junior and Keeping the Faith of TVXQ, Suju15TVXQBelieve.

Please enjoy reading my entries as I'm sure they will be filled with witty remarks and lovely information that I snitch from random websites. I always credit and would love to be credited in return if my information is, in fact, useful to someone. So please, that is really my only rule to friending this journal.

If you do not like my '15 Forever' comments and/or my undying faith and belief of TVXQ's togetherness, you are free to leave. I am not skilled enough in HTML to make a code that forces you to stay, so please leave because I do not enjoy the Only 13 believers and I won't stand for anyone picking on the HoMin/JaeChunSu of things.... Because those simply do not belong in my mind's dictionary.

One other thing before I unleash you into my world of lovely Korean bands, if you do NOT like yaoi and/or boy x boy comments regarding TVXQ and Super Junior, I stress 'PLEASE LEAVE' because this journal loves couples and I have my set couples, so thank you and good bye.

Everyone else, have fun!